Home made tagliatelle and oxtail ragu

I have always wanted to make fresh pasta and last weekend I made my first home made tagliatelle.
Coincidently, I have some oxtail sitting in the freezer and so…
Oxtail Ragu

I prepared the ragu 2 days in advance using a recipe from  wrightfood.

Oxtain contains a lot of fat…and I mean heaps… I cooled the ragu in the fridge and skimmed the layer of fat on the surface before reheating and serving. I think it makes it less heavy and oily on the palate and better for my hips..

Braised oxtail ragu


I made my pasta with half flour and half semolina using recipe from allrecipes. Before I invest in a pasta maker I thought I should try making the pasta old school style. With rolling pin!

Cut pasta dough

It was hard……not to mention my rolling pin is mini size – it’s only 15cm long and it was struggling. It was really difficult getting the pasta dough as thin as I wanted it to be but with patience, and a lot of wrist strength…we got there. Good thing I didn’t break the rolling pin…and my wrist.

The fun bit
Boiling pasta in salt water

The pasta turned out great…even if they were slight uneven…. Together with the oxtail ragu, it was so delicious! A perfect dish for dinner on a cold autumn/winter night. The ragu was so flavoursome and rich, and the fresh pasta…It was lovely! I will definitely be making them again for sure….perhaps next time with a new pasta maker?

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