I heart burger…

How does one describe a perfect burger? Is it the meat patties, the sauce, the buns, or all  of the above?

From the traditional corner shop burger to the upmarket gourmet burger, the choice is endless. As for me, I am always on a hunt for a good gourmet burger….nothing against Quarter Pounder or Whopper, I like them as much as the next guy… but it’s really not something I’d get excited over.
Furthermore, with so many places in Sydney offering great gourmet burgers it would be a shame not to give them a try.
My quest to find the perfect burger still continues but for now, here’s a list of my favourites:

The Counter – Crows Nest (update March 2012 – unfortunately this place is now CLOSED)

If you love American style-fully sick-custom built-burger then this is the place for you. I personally love the bar setting, the table service, and the check sheets – yes they give you check sheet for you to tick away all the toppings you want for your burger. There’s additional cost for extra toppings and the burgers cost roughly around $15.

I truly recommend their signature burger – The Counter.

The Counter

YUMM!!! Love the sauce and crunch of the onion rings with the burger.You can try making your own burger but beware – only do this if you know what you’re doing…. otherwise you’d end up with one very confused burger… Like this particular one of mine.

My DIY burger - Beef burger with jalapeno, beetroot, red onion, cheese and caramelised onion

Still managed to finish the burger though…And… I must give an honourable mention to their onion rings.Fifty 50 is basically half onion rings and half fries. The fries were nice and thin and the onion rings, man they were to die for – thinly sliced, crunchy and well crumbed… very well crumbed…and no soggy bits, none! These could easily be one of the best if not the BEST onion rings in Sydney. Yes you heard me, the best! That in itself is worth a visit.

Last Update (March 2012) – Unfortunately this place is now CLOSED :( Maybe one day they will reopen

The Counter on Urbanspoon

Bitton Gourmet Café and Grocer- AlexandriaI am a HUGE fan of Wagyu and I think Bitton Wagyu burger could easily be one of the best Wagyu burger Sydney has to offer. It will set you back $17.90 and considering the quality of the ingredients, I think it’s value for money

Wagyu beef burger with vegetable pickle and Bitton mayonaise

This French inspired café also wins me as they serve free range and organic produce. You can taste the quality of the ingredients in their dish, it is fantastic. And if you  love fresh orange juice, you have to try their freshly squeezed organic orange juice….it is defitinely one of Sydney’s best.

Bitton Gourmet Cafe on Urbanspoon

Baste- Alexandria

I first came here with my colleagues for lunch. I was surprised that I never heard of the place as I live only a suburb away. I think it’s one of those places that only locals know about and now it has become one of my favourite burger joint.The burger is more along the line of traditional burger but with quality ingredients; nice soft buns, juicy meat patty and fresh salads.

The burger was big…. and awesome.
They also have a supersize signature burger – Baste burger; 14cm bun with grilled chicken, bacon, pineapple, salad and their special baste sauce; tangy and a little bit spicy, it reminded me of peri-peri sauce but a bit of sweetness to it.  I only have a 2MB camera phone pictures which don’t do justice to this great burger but you get the idea.



I have also recently found a new favourite here: Peri Peri Chicken BurgerP1000379-1

I love love the garlic aioli sauce. It works really well with the chicken and the peri2 sauce. Plus, the size is just right; big enough to finish and small enough to have with a side of yummy fries ($7.50 just for the burger or +$4 for extra fries and soft drinks).
If you want to go there for lunch, bear in mind that they only open for breakfast and lunch monday to saturday until 3 pm so you do need to plan it well if you are a late riser like me (I went twice when it was already closed). It will not disappoint, I promised.

Grill’d – Darlinghurst

Now here’s a great burger for the health conscious eaters.  Grill’d is a franchise burger shop promoting nutritious and low fat delicious burger. Tasty burger or low fat burger? Well here at Grill’d, they all of the above.Burger price is between $8.90- $12.90 which also quite reasonable. OK, to be honest I’m not sure how low fat the Almighty burger is, with tasty cheese and fried egg topped with herb mayo and bacon, but it sure tasted great. And it probably is healthier than your normal works burger; the eggs are free-range eggs and they use trimmed bacon.The Moroccan Lamb burger was interesting and it could have been a great burger if the mint sauce wasn’t too sweet. I had to scrape some of the sauce off the bun in order to finish it.The burger size was just right, not too small and not too big – further emphasis on healthy eating :).Good rating overall, I love the panini bun, the relish, the fresh salad and the wide range of burger selection…just thinking of it made my mouth waters.

Almighty (front) and Moroccan Lamb (back) Burger

Grill'd on Urbanspoon

Moo – Bondi Beach

Another great gourmet burger newcomer. The one in Bondi Beach offers not only great view but also great burgers with very generous serving size. You need to get messy in with your hands and really dig into it as there’s no tidy way to eat their burgers. Price varies between $10-$16.50

Wagyu Burger

Nice and juicy like Wagyu burger should be. The buns are thick and crust and did I mentioned generous serving size?

Big Moo

And when they say big….they mean BIG. This will definitely make you go Moo…I mean, just look at the size of that tower…. how does one fit such burger in one’s mouth? Easy!Press, squeeze and shove…. Yes it will get messy, yes you’ll need both of your hands and yes soon enough everything will fall apart and you will struggle to hold everything together and may have to resort to knife and fork…and yes you’ll feel very very full at the end of the eating frenzy.
MOO Gourmet Burgers on Urbanspoon

I love it! Just one more spoon…

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