Thor and the Viking Pizza

 So, last friday my boyfriend and I went to the movies and see Thor in 3D…

It was Awesome!!I really enjoyed the movie. Love the costumes, the action and the acting. Also love Chris Hemsworth spunky performance as Thor.

Coincidently yesterday we went to Svens Viking Pizza and to our excitement, Thor is on the menu!!

It turns out that they have Norse Mythology themed Pizza….Very Cool! So many to choose from but in the end we decided to go with Thor (just had to try it) and Ragnarok, which was a smokey and mildly spicy pizza with spanish chorizo, crispy pancetta, pepperoni, smoked  ham and spicy chill cream.

Garlic Pizza
Thor Pizza

Ragnarok Pizza

The Pizzas were really yummy. Thin crust with generous topping and bigger than your average pizza size. Good quality ingredients with just the right amount of cheese, very gourmet indeed.
At around $20 a pizza for regular size it’s not cheap eats but I think it’s quite worth the extra few dollars.

And of course, you can not eat Viking Pizza and not try the Viking Beer…

It’s pretty good. Nice and crisp with a dry finish. It will wash down the greasy pizza taste nicely.

In the end, turned out we weren’t Viking enough to finish all those Viking Pizzas so we take-away our much loved leftovers:

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Sven's Viking Pizza on Urbanspoon

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