Birthday Dinner @ Tetsuya’s

If there’s anything I’ve always wanted to do but never got around to it’s this.…

Celebrating my birthday at Tetsuya’s.


You know I’m crazy about food so it’s only makes sense that I eat well on my birthday and Tetsuya is obviously not a bad place to eat, being one of the 100 best restaurants in THE WORLD.

‘Yes! Now I can tick off one more thing on my mental bucket list’, I thought a couple of months ago. Great connection goes along way in restaurant’s world. Good think I know someone who’s husband ‘hangs’ with uncle Tets and often has dinner with him (the world is so unfair). She helped me with getting a table on a short notice. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. PS: Girly if you’re reading this you know I’m still waiting for the invite to that dinner with da chef at yours! I’ll promise I’d do a good job washing up!

But just like a typical holiday plan, it didn’t go as planned. A few days after I made the booking, things didn’t look too good for me and Tetsuya.

A few unforeseen circumstances almost saw me cancelling my dinner there. There was the unplanned overseas trip mid December – am I really going to sacrifice spending Chirstmas, Birthday and New Years with my family who I only get to see once a year (if that) for the mere pleasure of good food?? There was me-being-single again – Would I really go to Tetsuya’s alone? And there was a bad cold that wouldn’t go away and almost chained me to my bed right just before my birthday.

But as it turned out, things worked themself out. My family were ok that I skip Christmas and NY in turn for another trip back this year, I found myself a date, got rid of my cold and went to Tet’s! It was one of the best birthday dinners I’ve ever had.

So what else can I say, it’s Tetsuya’s. Of course the meal was fantastic. Of course the wine and sake were exceptionally good. No food was left un-touched and not a single drop of wine wasted (I even managed to get refills).

The first dish of chilled pea soup with ice cream was sooo good and very inspirational because it’s a starter with a dessert element in it. Wacky but works!

Don’t know what they did to their oyster but they were super duper smooth…. makes all other good oysters I’ve had …well not as good. Damn it, I may never settle for the regular stuff anymore now. I think it’s the oil they put the oyster in along with the vinegar….lots and lots of oil.

The third dish was my FAVOURITE of all! Yes that includes their world famous signature and the most photographed dish – Ocean Trout, sue me. Again they use the savoury dessert concept for starters. Weird combination of savoury custard (think miso flavoured egg custard) with sea urchin. Wacky right??? But it unexpectedly worked so well and is out of this world delicious. I think that’s why its my favourite. I like good-weird things.

Of course I can’t help to be in awe when presented with the signature dish Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout, this time with shave fennel and unpasteurised ocean trout caviar (do people even serve pasteurised caviar in restaurants??). Eating it in small bites so it’d last longer.

I didn’t bring my camera last night so the pictures are a bit shonky as they were taken using an Iphone and my struggling Bold (can be seen by the crappier picture quality). I need a new camera…

The last picture I took of the dessert was a complete mess because:

a. It looked so good that I forgot to take the picture until after I devoured it

b. I would’ve had at least 11 glass servings of various alcohol

But as much as it was toe-curlingly delicious, it didn’t satisfy me. It was just another good Choc dessert… I guess given the inspirational dishes that precede it, I expected more…challenging, like Salmon Jelly or Seaweed pie or Caramel Tofu mousse?!! Okay, maybe too much IRON CHEF for me.


Chilled Pea Soup with Mint Ice Cream


Pacific Oysters with Rice Vinegar and Ginger


Savoury Custard with Sea Urchin


Sashimi of Kingfish with Blackbean & Orange


Scampi Tail with Chicken Liver Parfait & Walnut Vinaigrette

photo 4x

Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout with Shave Fennel and Unpasteurised Ocean Trout Caviar

photo 6x

Queensland Spanner Carb with Bean Curd, Foie Gras & Junsai


Breast of Quail with Qual Leg Rillettes

photo 7x

Breast of Duck with Pickled Beetroot & Almond Cream

photo 8x

Fillet of Cape Grim Beef with Wasabi & Braised Mustard


Ginger Ice Cream With Lychee Granita, Bread & Butter Pudding


Chocolate Fondant with Hazelnut & Praline


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