Moving out and Vietnamese Pork Roll

Finally! I have internet connection!! Such an amazing feeling  :D

I moved house again, so annoying. It was only 10 months since I last moved. Not a pleasant experience at all. I was hoping to at least stay for 12 months but since the owner wanted to move back in I had to move out.

Anyway, I am glad that we moved out. My new unit is a lot better, not to mention the fact that it is only 3 doors down from the old place. It is also a complete mirror image of the previous one which is awesome, even if it makes me a bit disoriented at times. The unit is much better maintained and I have a great landlord who’s unlike the previous one, is very responsible and thoughtful.

How I ended up here is nothing less than a miracle. Through a string of coincidences we managed to take over a neighbours lease and skipped all the trouble of going through inspection and application process. Yes, good things do happen to good people.

The other good thing about the move is that I managed to find a new favourite Banh Mi (a.k.a Vietnamese Roll) shop. If you haven’t tried Banh Mi, you really should. It’s a Vietnamese-style sandwich consisted of crusty bread roll filled with meat (chicken or pork or sometimes meatballs), pate, mayo, pickled carrot and soy-based sauce.

For me, what makes a great Vietnamese Roll is a great bread roll. It has to be perfect; crusty golden outside and fluffy and light inside. Then, it needs to have great tasting filling with fresh ingredients and good balance of flavours. It is fairly easy to get a decent Vietnamese roll but a great roll is hard to find. So, I’m really happy that I found another shop to add to my list. Here’s how it went down;

On the day of the move, hungry and tired I went to Mascot to grab some Vietnamese chicken roll for lunch for myself and my two lovely helpers. I went to my favourite shop Hong Ha. And as it turned out, still is the local favourite.

As was somewhat expected for Saturday lunchtime, the queue was unbearably long for my rumbling tummy (and for the hungry boys at home). So, I decided to venture along Botany street looking for an alternative shop. Not my usual mode of operation but I was pressed for time.

I walked past one, two, three bakeries selling Vietnamese roll but none of them look very convincing; could be because of the lack of buzz from the crowd or the fact that I was slightly biased towards Hong Ha.  Nevertheless, I kept walking further south until a small shop caught my eye.

DTN Hot bread. Fresh bread baked daily!? How could I not give it a go.

Nice and clean shop. Always a good sign.

Proudly promoting their fresh bread roll, baked daily. In fact, they bake twice a day.

Lots of fresh ingredients. No charge for extras

Watching rolls being assembled

Service was great, I didn’t felt rushed and my roll was assembled meticulously and carefully. In fact, it took nearly 20 minutes to make 3 rolls. It felt somewhat uncanny as I’m so used to the rush and the super speedy service at Hong Ha. I’m also used to being charged for extra chilli and corriander so it was nice to know that DTN Hot Bread don’t charge for extras. After chatting to the owner I found out that they are actually quite new. Only just opened last year and obviously still building their customer base.

And boy was I pleasantly surprised with their rolls. Pretty damn delicious! I tried both the Chicken and the Pork roll and both were equally good.  Bread rolls were fresh with golden crust and soft inside.  Fillings were fresh with great flavour and just the right amount of sauce. It cost $1 less per roll compare to Hong Ha and $5 will get you a roll and a can of drink.

So, which one better? The well establised shop or the new kids on the block?

DTN Vietnamese Chicken and Pork Roll


Hong Ha Chicken and Pork Roll

To be perfectly honest both taste equally good. I find DTN fillings are a bit more generous than Hong Ha, they really pack them in and they’re not stingy with their coriander like Hong Ha is (so bonus point as I love coriander). The DTN bread roll is alot more sturdy and crusty than Hong Ha – you can actually see this from the picture above how the Hong Ha bread roll is softer than DTN Hot Bread. I like Hong Ha bread better as I prefer softer bread; crusty bread tend to hurt the roof of my mouth and I find them a lot more ‘messy’ to eat.

Nevertheless, for the overall experience I’m leaning towards DTN Hot Bread. I find that they provide better service, better value and equally great tasting rolls, not to mention the zero to minimum amount of queueing – HUGE plus for me as I hate waiting

Since the move I have been DTN Hot Bread twice. It has definitely become my new favourite shop for Vietnamese chicken roll.

So, if you’re around Mascot and looking for a great Vietnamese Chicken or Pork Roll, try DTN Hot Bread. I have a feeling that you might just like it :)
DTN Hot Bread on Urbanspoon

8 thoughts on “Moving out and Vietnamese Pork Roll

  1. WAAAA thanks hun! will definitely visit this place. I LOVE coriander to the core and will usually prefer to the produce store next to hongha to get a full bunch for $1 than pay the extra. Photos wise, DTN looks heaps better prepared and they don’t rush you say?? double points!

  2. What I love the most are the fake prawns in DTN Hot bread’s display ^^
    Do they serve seafood rolls?

  3. Thanks for exploring & discovering new vietnamese roll shop !. I will definitely check this out. i also trying to find Hong Ha alternatives recently. Tried the one in Illawara road marrickville, big roll but quite soggy as they put a lot of sauce & wet pate.

    • Awww thanks for dropping by chocolatesuze – luv ur blog :) Yeah I find a good banh mi is somewhat addictive. We even had ‘banh mi’ wednesday at my old work with order of up to 20 banh mi for lunch!

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